The Kite Group companies strive to impact the community and the environment, produce social awareness, and change the waste industry through knowledge, technology, excellence, principles, and values.

About Kite Group

Kite Group was created to generate initiatives that impact the community and the environment, produce social awareness, and change the waste industry through knowledge, technology, excellence, principles, and values.

For the past 8 years, Kite Technology and Kite Environmental have operated a multifunctional waste treatment plant that processes grease, used cooking oil, organic material, food waste, and septic waste into valuable products for various industries.

The main objective is to treat and process all industrial waste into raw material and usable resources, from sludge to liquid waste and grease. This treatment includes organic material from supermarkets and food establishments. Ultimately, our goal is to eliminate alternative ways of waste disposal, such as landfills, incineration, or composting, which generates environmental pollution and releases toxic gases into the atmosphere.


  • A waste treatment company is born as a response to the need of industries not knowing what to do with the waste or wanting a profit from it.
  • Inauguration of the 10,000 SF processing facility in Kissimmee, Fl.
  • Begins purchasing used cooking oil and provides treatment services of the material.
  • Kite Technology treatment plant opens and receives 12,000 gallons per day of Y.E. material.
  • The first centrifuge was purchased, and the production of brown grease begins.
  • Kite Environmental starts to collect used cooking oil.
  • Manufacturing of UCO tanks begins within Kite Environmental.
  • Kite Environmental hauling grease trap water. Used Cooking Oil collection is extended to South Florida .
  • Opening of the collection department in Miami.
  • Inauguration of the Miami warehouse as a UCO collection point for the area.
  • Kite Motion is established to transport Kite Group grease. Kite Ingredients is created to produce and recycle organic waste.
  • Kite Ingredients is created to produce and recycle raw materials.
  • Kite Eco Clean is created to provide environmental cleaning services.


Kite Group operates in the environmental industry through five business units that collaborate effectively



Treatment plants for all types of waste in every state across the country.

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Waste and residue collection in Florida and other states in the U.S.

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Develop new technologies for the treatment and development of valuable products from organic and non-organic residues.

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Transports all organic material to our plants: Kite Technology + Kite Environmental + Kite Ingredients

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Collection of organic waste from the different industrial food service and commercial operations.

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Our Certifications




Kite, as a sustainable organization in the management and treatment of waste for the development of usable raw materials, generates an impact on human beings, the industry, and the environment, creating a culture of change through innovative and highly competitive technologies.



To generate a radical change in organic waste treatment by ensuring that industry partners and the financial sector follow Kite Group's social responsibility by partnering together to advance waste technologies and developments.



We want to impact the community, generating a permanent and sustainable change in the treatment of organic waste, developing new treatment technologies, recycling, and developing a sustainable economy through excellent customer service, innovative technologies, high efficiency, and competitive prices where everyone who joins the company will have the chance to make an impact and experience personal and professional growth.